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The Ministry of Finance has announced the Temporary Education Support for Parents to help with learning and supervision during the labour disruption.
The temporary education support payment of $40 a day will be paid from Sept. 2, 2014, and will continue up to and including the day teachers ratify the agreement.

LEARNING RESOURCES With a variety of resources available at no cost through Open School BC and LearnNowBC, parents can help keep their children engaged in learning. Our learning process consists of numerous improvements which can benefit your children. Our learning process consists of numerous improvements which can benefit your children. Our goal is to help them receive the best education our state and school can provide.

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Minister of education

The Minister of education urged the both parties to get into mediation process as soon as possible, and he asked the BCTF and BCPSEA to voluntarily suspend all strike or lockout activities for two weeks the moment Mr. Ready starts mediation.

BCPSEA Statement

The BCPSEA and the BCTF agreed that Mr. Justice Stephen Kelleher would be an acceptable mediator. He had some exploratory discussions with the parties and determined that mediation is not indicated at this time.

Update on Bargaining

VICTORIA – Minister of Education Peter Fassbender issued the following statement:

“Today veteran labour mediator Vince Ready determined that the parties are too far apart for mediation at this time.”

Hope for settlement

Negotiating a settlement requires union leaders to stand in front of their members and explain what has been achieved at the bargaining table. I worry the BCTF leadership is actually counting on government to legislate an end to this strike.


Why didn’t you bargain all summer?

Why hasn’t government signed an agreement?

Why are you appealing the court case?

Why not just negotiate class composition now?

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Completion rates - B.C. has an excellent education system, and B.C. students consistently rank among the very best in Canada and the world. Our provincial six-year completion rate is 83.1% – a 10% increase since 2000-01. The six-year completion rate is the number of...

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